My Park Moment closes on August 21st! Catch it before it's gone!

The free My Park Moment photo show celebrates people loving their favorite parks.

To make the show, a panel of creators and community leaders picked 400 winning shots from 7,000 photos sent in from across the country. Taken by everyday parkgoers, teenagers, and professional photographers, the photos capture the beauty and joy of the great outdoors.

The My Park Moment photo show is displayed in four outdoor locations in the Presidio. You can enjoy it in two ways: come visit the show in the Presidio or experience it virtually online.

Come now to get inspired and then return to make your own park memories at the new Presidio Tunnel Tops when it opens in spring 2022.

My Park Moment was made possible by the Presidio Tunnel Tops Campaign, which provides essential funds to build a world-class parkland and support co-designed programs and special community initiatives. We extend our thanks for the incredible generosity of our donors and community.

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Why Photo Show?

Photo Credit (left to right) Yuxing Liu, Francess Santos and Marissa Leshnov

Why a Photo Show?

Parks belong to all of us – they’re where we play, celebrate, and spend time with those we love. For more than two decades, the Partnership for the Presidio has engaged the public to ensure that people who have historically been underrepresented in national parks benefit from all the wonderful things parks bring.

A reoccurring theme that comes up in our work is that not everyone feels the Presidio “is for them.” This was the inspiration for the My Park Moment photo show. Working with Photoville, a New York -based non-profit that activates public spaces around the world with community-driven photography, we created a way for everyone to, quite literally, picture themselves in the Presidio.

Building on the Community Engagement behind Presidio Tunnel Tops, in April 2021 we issued an open call for submissions, ultimately receiving 7,000 photos. Four hundred are now on display in the My Park Moment Photo Show.


My Park Moment is produced by the Partnership for the Presidio in collaboration with our great partners at Photoville.

Photoville is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 in Brooklyn, NY. Their mission is to build a wide, diverse audience for photographic narratives and nurture a new lens of representation, through the creation of unique and highly innovative environments such as our free annual community photo festival. Since Photoville’s inception, they have been devoted to building an inclusive community of visual artists. They view art as a collaborative process between artists and their audiences, and believe that public art creates the perfect conditions to foster this creative union.

Photoville's 10th Annual Photoville Festival in NYC will be on view in New York City from September 17 through to December 1, 2021

To learn more about Photoville, please visit photoville.com

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